I’m Javier Clark, a relationship expert. I’ve found that some of the most defining moments of a family’s relationship is when they choose to go on vacation. This is a period when there are fewer distractions and the family has an opportunity to connect. Vacations are also a time when family members can form lasting memories that can help solidify the bond that they have with each other.

Unfortunately, many things can also go wrong during a vacation. A vacation is a time when the family spends a lot of money. Some families underestimate how much a vacation will cost and the creeping expenses are stress-inducing. Also, since families are thrust into an unfamiliar environment and spend more time together than usual on vacations, the situation can also cause conflict.

Since my goal is to improve the quality of relationships in the world, I’ve decided that more needs to be written that’s available to the public on vacations and the family. For this reason, I’ve decided to harness my many years of experience in order to write this blog. You’ll find advice on how to finance your vacation, how to make the vacation something that everyone will enjoy and how to avoid the conflicts that take the fun out of a vacation.