Travel Like A Pro: Booking Your Trip, Packing, And Flying,

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For some people, traveling is like second nature. From preparing travel plans and packing, to flying and staying in a hotel, frequent travelers have learned all the tricks to making travel more comfortable. If you’ve never traveled before, though, a relaxing vacation can quickly turn into a stressful nightmare.  Here are a few strategies that you can use to deal with the varying vagaries of travel. Ease Your Reservations With Careful Planning (and Reservations) To avoid problems on your vacation, it’s important to plan...

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4 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained On A Road Trip

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A family road trip is a great way to create memories with your family, see beautiful parts of the country, and even save money, as driving is often less expensive than flying on vacation. But if you’re traveling with small kids, a road trip can quickly go bad. Bored kids in a confined space for several hours at a time can be a recipe for disaster. The best way to prevent your kids from having meltdowns on a road trip is to keep them entertained. Here are four great ways to do just that: Involve Them in the Planning If your kids know...

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